"Thank you Jaime Aplin for an awesome workshop last night. Great work! It was a pleasure to be there, took so many things away, so thank you" - Kelly

"Last night I attended my first empowerment session held by a lovely women I met only a few weeks ago. When I met her I never knew it would open up so many doors to exactly what I've been looking for in life. The energy in the room and the energy that I still feel now is unreal! If you're feeling a little lost in life, or need some guidance contact Jaime Aplin she is incredible and will help you get you on the right path #grateful" - Kaysey

"You conducted last nights workshop like you had done it dozens of times before. You are truly uplifting and inspirational…. Soooooo glad I went. Thank you so so much. It was just what I needed to regain my focus on where I want to head. I think you did a fantastic job. I look forward to the next one". - Nicky

"Thank you so so much for tonight! Meeting you a few weeks ago was no coincidence, I've been really feeling like I need guidance and to connect with other like minded people with this shift in my life. I am so glad I came. I followed my instincts and it's paid off, it was nice to be in a room filled with great energy and wide open minds. For so long pretty much my whole life I've never really fit in with the 'status quo' never had a 'clique'. When I walked into the room I instantly felt connected and knew that's right where I was supposed to be. So excited to be on this new journey of life in a whole new way! Can't wait to catch up again. Need to get my life up to a 10! Tonight has been incredible. Thank you again, you're awesome. Can't wait to come to many more you have". - Kaysey

"Brilliant last night. It had many many amazing moments. Loved the information, the video clips and the caring and sharing in our new tribe. Brilliant work Jaime Aplin. You did an amazing presentation. Everything went just how it was meant to. Many many thanks". - Joy

"Thanks for the awesome workshop Jaime" - Phi

"What an amazing program you have designed! It not only met but far exceeded my expectations! It was obviously created with lots of love and care for others. Very well thought, easy to follow, insightful and rewarding." - Tanya

"THANK YOU JAIME !! The shift in me is so encouraging! I'm so relieved on so many levels.... connecting with like minded people... acknowledging to myself my truth.... being ok about being me... appreciating moving forward is part of the lesson and looking back changes nothing. So I THANK YOU AND ALL THE GORGEOUS 21 DAYERS ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥" - Mary-Anne

"You are amazing Jaime Marie Aplin my volunteers have loved this challenge " - Mary

"Thank you so much Jaime!! I can't believe how much I have learnt about myself in 21 days... thank you for this opportunity, its been great!! And thank you to everyone involved and commenting and encouraging each other... what a beautiful group ♥ ♥" - Dominique

"You've built a family here Jaime Marie Aplin xxx" - Kate

"Thank you!! What an incredible soul you are, lots of love " - Jennifer

"I love everyone in this group "

" Well it's been an incredible journey over these past 21 days. Before this so many people would tell me to 'make sure you look after yourself' and I never did. So this challenge has definitely showed me the importance of taking a bit of time out for myself. I have learnt lots of tools along the ways and stepped out of my comfort zone numerous times. Overall I feel like I'm in a better place now than where I was 21 days ago. Thankyou Jaime and everyone for all the support " - Stacey

"You are a gorgeous human!! " - Mary-Anne

"Since the challenge, things have been great, I've been taking more time for myself and doing the things I love more which makes life really rewarding. Thank you for the challenges, they showed me to appreciate the little things in life and to take a minute to know that my time is important as well." - Sapphire

"The biggest thing for me was realizing that I need to slow down and take care of myself and that it will all by OK. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful challenge and giving me the opportunity to be free to be me". - Kate

"I enjoyed most challenges as they were new to me. My favourite one in particular was laying down on my grass and looking up into the sky and really being engaged in the moment...I felt so at peace. In this challenge I learnt not to feel guilty to take out time for 'me'! I have also started meditation maybe once a week so far so happy with that Thank you for organising this all " - Dominque

"I loved being involved in the challenge, the meditation being the best part for me as I've never really tried it .... It's a daily thing now and I just love it, So thank you!" - Jennifer

"Really enjoyed connecting with you all, and thoroughly enjoyed focusing on myself with self care everyday. I learnt that me time and real self care are very different." - Mary-Anne

"It was good to be reminded to stop and take stock of your day, and actually making sure you are doing that 1 small thing just for you, and only you." - Jodie

"Beautiful soul!!! Jaime Marie Aplin I wanted to thank you for allowing me and creating the space to be "free to be me". It was so liberating to finally let go ... amazing how owning your story let's you be physically, spiritually and mentally "free to be me" !!! Message received.... xxx" - Tracy